External Scholarship Donor Form

The Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (OSFA) strives to help students attain their higher education goals by keeping the University of Nebraska–Lincoln financially accessible and affordable. OSFA is committed to accomplishing our mission through excellent service, stewardship, and advocacy to facilitate the recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation of all students.

External scholarship donors contribute to this mission by supporting students with financial resources for the cost of attendance at UNL. OSFA appreciates the opportunities you have made available to students and we want to ensure the most relevant opportunities are available for students to review, so they can apply and receive your generous support. We help facilitate this process with the form below. Please answer the questions below about your scholarship and organization so that we may review and determine whether this is appropriate to publicize on the OSFA website. Your responses will be sent to a review committee who will make a decision within 7–10 business days.

Please tell us more about your scholarship and organization:

Organization Details
Is this organization registered as a nonprofit, 501(c), organization with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?

Enter 0 if variable or unknown.

The total dollar amount of scholarship funding provided to students during the previous fiscal year. Enter 0 if the organization has not provided scholarships in the past.

Has this organization provided scholarships to students from the State of Nebraska or attending a college/university in Nebraska before?
Has this organization provided any scholarships to students enrolled at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln?
Is this organization affiliated with Husker Athletics as a donor/booster?
Does this organization provide scholarships to students on the basis of athletic participation in NCAA activities or athletic ability in high school or college?
Scholarship Details

Please provide the name of the scholarship you would like listed on the OSFA website.

Please provide a brief description of this scholarship

Please describe the criteria or eligibility for this scholarship, including minimum requirements as well as a description of a competitive applicant.

Does this scholarship require the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to complete enrollment verification for student recipients?
Do you charge a fee to students to apply for this scholarship?
Do you retain student scholarship application data (personally identifiable information) in your records for purposes other than scholarships? 

Please provide the amount of the scholarship(s) available.

Is this scholarship available to be renewed if meeting renewal criteria or is it a one-time award?
Scholarship Administer

Provide the name of the person administering this scholarship.

Provide the email address of the person administering this scholarship.

Please provide the phone number of the person administering this scholarship.