Nebraska Promise FAQs

About the Nebraska Promise

We want to make sure all Nebraskans have access to a college education, and we don't want cost to get in the way. The Nebraska Promise covers undergraduate tuition at the University of Nebraska for students who meet academic qualifications and have a family income of $65,000 or less (AGI) or are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant.

New students and families can visit the Nebraska Promise website for information on who qualifies and how to apply. If you have questions, contact Husker Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do transfer students qualify? Yes, as long as you meet the requirements.
  • Does Nebraska Promise cover online classes? Yes, your tuition will be covered for online classes.
  • Does the Nebraska Promise cover summer classes? No, it is not applicable over the summer. However, UNL students may qualify for Summer Financial Aid.
  • Will I need to apply for the Nebraska Promise every year? Yes, you must file the FAFSA every year and meet the eligibility criteria and deadline. The 2025-26 Nebraska Promise deadline to file the FAFSA is June 1, 2025.
  • What is the deadline to submit documents if I’m selected for verification? For the 2025-26 academic year, submit documents requested by July 1, 2025.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What makes up the Nebraska Promise?

The Nebraska Promise covers undergraduate tuition costs after other grants and scholarships are taken into account. It picks up where other assistance ends and covers remaining tuition. All grants and university scholarships are included in your Nebraska Promise commitment. This includes federal, state, and institutional grants, such as any Federal Pell Grant, opportunity grant, and/or tuition assistance grants such as military tuition waivers. 

Scholarships also contribute toward meeting your Nebraska Promise, including academic, college or departmental scholarships, and University of Nebraska Foundation scholarships. There is not a line item called the “Nebraska Promise” that will appear on your financial aid package. Instead, the Nebraska Promise is a promise that these programs combined will cover your tuition each semester for up to 15 credit hours. The Nebraska Promise does not include scholarships from private scholarship donors.

Why am I still charged tuition if I have the Nebraska Promise?

All students have tuition charges assessed to their University student billing account. Recipients of the Nebraska Promise will still see tuition charges assessed on their account. The Nebraska Promise is a program that guarantees enough scholarships and grants to cover those tuition charges for students who qualify. The Nebraska Promise will fulfill the same amount of actual tuition charges for up to 15 credit hours per semester. While tuition charges will appear, they are offset by credits from scholarships and financial aid.

When I see “Meets or Exceeds Nebraska Promise” in the financial aid Message Center in MyRED, what does it mean?

If you see this message on your MyRED financial aid Message Center, it means you qualify for the Nebraska Promise and that it is already included in your financial aid package. The amount of grants and scholarships offered to you meets the minimum commitment of the Nebraska Promise. It is possible that you may be offered more grants and/or scholarships than the minimum commitment. If the estimated cost of tuition for fall/spring for a student enrolled in 15 credits per semester is valued at $8,250, Nebraska Promise recipients would be offered at least $8,250 in grant and scholarship aid for the regular academic year. The Nebraska Promise is one of many financial aid options available to students. Some students may qualify for additional financial aid that exceeds what the Nebraska Promise covers. If you have more than $8,250 in grant and scholarship aid, your financial aid package exceeds the Nebraska Promise.

If I am taking coursework through Architecture, Business or Engineering, will my differential tuition be covered by the Nebraska Promise? 

The Colleges of Architecture, Business, and Engineering have higher (differential) tuition rates for courses offered through their college. The Nebraska Promise guarantees that tuition costs will be covered for up to 15 credit hours per semester for those who qualify. If you plan to take courses in one of these colleges, your grants and scholarships may be increased following the financial aid census date of the semester to match your scholarships and financial aid to your tuition charges for up to 15 credit hours. You can review the census date on the academic calendar.

If I am starting in the spring semester, can I qualify for the Nebraska Promise?

To qualify for Nebraska Promise, you must meet all applicable deadlines, which includes filing the FAFSA Form and being admitted by the deadline. If you are an incoming student admitted after the deadline, you would not qualify for the Nebraska Promise. Students who begin in the spring may be offered grants and scholarships but not receive an amount that covers full tuition. You may qualify for the Nebraska Promise in future years if you meet all of the criteria.

You can view more Frequently Asked Questions on the Nebraska Promise website.