Nebraska Career Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the internship or experience requirement for the Nebraska Career Scholarship? 

A: Each student who receives the Nebraska Career Scholarship has the responsibility to secure and complete a Nebraska-based internship prior to the fourth academic year on scholarship in order to receive the scholarship for the fourth year. There is no guarantee of an internship/experience and no placement service, but if you complete the required and recommended steps, you should be on-track to complete your internship on time or even early. 


Q: What counts as a Nebraska-based internship or experience? 

A: An internship, apprenticeship, clinical position, or major-related field of employment, will count as Nebraska-based if the location of the internship is in Nebraska. 


Q: What support do I have to find and secure a Nebraska-based internship or experience? 

A: There are lots of resources to help! You can schedule a career coaching appointment with your college’s career services team via MyPLAN at These appointments can support you with a range of preparation topics, like resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and searching for an internship, other experience, or job. More information on the different colleges’ career services is available at addition, Handshake is the job search platform used at UNL, so ensure you activate your account, upload a resume, and participate regularly in the featured events and career fairs.  


Q: What if I complete a Nebraska-based internship or experience in my first or second year, even though completion is required before the end of my third year? 

A: Great! We expect this to happen for some students, especially those who complete the required and recommended steps early and stay in touch with their career services team. A Nebraska-based internship or experience completed any time between the start of your enrollment with UNL the end of your third academic year (including summer) will fulfill the requirement. You will still need to complete any ongoing required steps even if you complete a Nebraska-based experience early. You are always encouraged to seek out additional internships and will continue receiving support to do so.  


Q: Are the internships or experiences paid? 

While most internships related to the disciplines included in the Nebraska Career Scholarship do pay, the wages related to employment are up to each individual organization. Other types of experiences may or may not pay. Students seeking support and more information on this should contact the career services team. 


Q: Can I appeal if I’m not meeting the renewal criteria for my scholarship? 

You may use summer classes to help you meet renewal but no funding is available for summer hours. Please submit the reinstatement link once summer grades have post but only if you are now meeting renewal criteria. No other appeals will be accepted for the Nebraska Career Scholarship.