Scholarship Renewal

When a student is offered a scholarship, they will receive an official scholarship offer letter from the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid notifying them of the scholarship award and its total value. If renewable, the letter will include where to find the full eligibility and renewal policies and expectations of the scholarship. It is the responsibility of the student to review, understand, and comply with the standards of scholarship renewal.

If there were extenuating circumstances which impacted the student's ability to fulfill the renewal criteria, the student may access the appeal form on-line at

For students that have been academically dismissed, please contact your academic advisor for more information.

For students who studied abroad, if you are currently working through the validation process, you do not need to go through the formal, written appeal process. Once your study abroad hours have been included as a part of your UNL transcript please complete our Scholarship Reinstatement Form using this link: We will review your records to determine if your scholarship for the upcoming academic year can be released to your student account.