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Students are automatically considered for scholarships based upon high school credentials and a holistic review utilizing multiple variables for consideration. Leaving information blank on the admission application may result in a student not being considered for a scholarship. All international students are evaluated for merit-based scholarships after they are admitted to Nebraska.

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Applying for scholarships and financial aid can greatly decrease the cost of tuition. Learn to create a Federal Student Aid ID, file the FAFSA, apply for Freshman Merit and Leadership and Diversity Scholarships, as well as receiving your Student Aid Report.

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Once you have completed the steps to apply for scholarships and financial aid, you will be awaiting notification of what you will receive. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, so you may receive notifications as early as August of your senior year in high school, depending on when you are admitted to Nebraska. Typically, campus-wide merit-based scholarships are reviewed first, then leadership, service, and diversity enhancement scholarships.

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In order to request financial aid for summer, you must already be successfully enrolled for summer coursework. Once you are enrolled, you can complete the Summer Aid Application in MyRED (available mid-March through July) to see how much you could get. In addition to the Summer Aid Application in MyRED, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at for summer aid.

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Students are expected to understand how to manage their financial transactions with Nebraska and understand their financial obligations. It is important that students protect their registration by resolving unpaid bills in a timely manner or consult with staff for a payment agreement.

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Diversity and inclusion are central to our mission and pursuit of excellence. Each person at Nebraska has something to gain from and offer to our community of learning, discovery, and outreach. We want to serve every student in such a way that you feel welcome, regardless of background.

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