Regents Scholar Tuition Commitment for 2020-2021

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General information and continuing eligibility requirements for new freshmen recipients.

The Regents Scholar Tuition Commitment covers the cost of UNL tuition for up to 135 or completion of a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. These hours are exclusive of transfer hours from UNO, UNK, UNMC, extended education, transfer hours from another institution for education abroad, and hours earned as a UNL visiting student. However, credit hours earned at a University of Nebraska campus are included in the UNL cumulative grade point average calculation. See #11 below for information regarding which education abroad courses are eligible for this scholarship benefit.

2 Renewal of this commitment for each subsequent year is dependent upon the recipient maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.500 or ranking in the upper 25% of the relevant class in a degree-granting undergraduate college.  The University computes grade point averages to three decimal places and does not round.  For students enrolled in the Exploratory and PreProfessional Advising Center, and the UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service, the norms for the College of Arts & Sciences will be used in determining the upper 25% of the relevant class.  Renewal determinations are made at the end of each spring semester.

In order to complete the requirements for a degree in eight semesters, a student must earn an average of 15 credit hours each semester. Scholarship recipients must enroll full-time (at least 12 UNL credit hours) during each semester of the academic year (fall and spring semesters) in order to receive the benefit. These hours must be officially registered by the sixth day of classes (or census date) each semester.


Recipients must enroll in at least 9 UNL graded hours each academic year (fall/spring) on the regular A+ through F scale (i.e., not counting P/NP or P/F).  Repeated courses will only count once and must be registered for consecutive semesters (i.e., full time by sixth day of classes, or census date, each semester).


When meeting renewal criteria, scholarship funds may be used to pay tuition for summer enrollment at UNL after the completion of the first academic year if the student completes the Summer Aid Application in MyRed. For more information on summer:


After completing at least one year of study on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and meeting the requirements listed above, a Regents Scholar may transfer to another campus of the University of Nebraska system. To qualify for an award transfer the major can not be available at UNL, you must meet UNL renewal criteria. An award can transfer only one time, the amount of which is determined by Board of Regents policy. Credit hours earned at a University of Nebraska campus are included in the 135 total hours.

7 The commitment cannot be used for non-credit courses or non-term specific correspondence courses.  Recipients cannot combine this award with any other tuition waiver from federal, state, or University sources (e.g., Employee Dependent Waiver).  The commitment cannot be used for courses taken at UNO, UNK or UNMC.
8 The scholar commitment will be discontinued if the recipient withdraws from school or fails to register for consecutive semesters, unless an exception is granted because of extenuating circumstances.
9 Recipients must pay for the mandatory student service fees, laboratory fees related to particular courses, and other miscellaneous fees (for example drop/add charges, registration fees, and credit-by-examination fees).
10 An amount of money equal to the semester tuition charges will be credited to the recipient's student account and will appear on his or her billing statement.  Any student whose total scholarship and/or financial aid awards exceed his or her total institutional charges for a given semester will receive a refund for the difference from the Office of Student Account.

For education abroad programs, this commitment may be applied toward UNL course credit (where tuition is charged). This commitment cannot be applied toward course credit that will be transferred from another institution. Students may apply for a variety of scholarships specific to education abroad:


This scholar commitment may be supported through the generosity of donors. If such is the case, you may be required to complete a thank you note.