Protect Your Registration

Registration Holds and Late Fees

Students in a common area.
  • Students are expected to understand how to manage their financial transactions with Nebraska and understand their financial obligations. However, we understand that sometimes, other priorities distract students. The Office of Student Accounts has sanctions in place when bills are not paid by the due dates. These sanctions include late fees and registration holds.
  • It is important that students protect their registration by resolving unpaid bills in a timely manner or consult with staff for a payment agreement. To help you protect your registration, staff work diligently to provide ample notice and have conversations about your financial obligations and resources. Sometimes, this is simply a reminder, but other times, it can lead to conversations that provide us with greater context on difficulties with making payments and where we can provide some additional advice and/or flexibility.
  • We encourage all students to meet with a representative in Husker Hub if you have questions or concerns about your finances at Nebraska. We want to help you through the financial aid process and ensure that you can move on and focus on your learning! Finances can be stressful, but it's more stressful if you avoid it and not handle it head-on. Sometimes meeting with someone to discuss your options can leave you feeling more optimistic about what it'll take for you to complete your degree at Nebraska!