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Estimated Financial Assistance (EFA)

Federal rules require that funds received by students because of their enrollment be considered estimated financial assistance for the purpose of calculating financial aid eligibility. This includes scholarships, grants, awards, prizes, etc. Only certain types of funds received by a student are exempt from this, such as earned wages through non-need-based employment and reimbursement when the student is representing the University for business purposes.

Most students who receive funds from academic units come in the form of scholarships or fellowships. Scholarship administrators in each academic unit can work with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for access to systems in order to make scholarship awards. Scholarships recommendations are sent to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid through a workflow process. New scholarship administrators are trained by OSFA staff on this process.

Verification of Information for Scholarships

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid can provide information to donors (with the student's authorization) to verify scholarship eligibility, such as major, GPA, and enrollment. If you require a copy of the student's bill or class schedule, the student can access that through their MyRED account. If your organization is paying a student's bill as a payment (and not a scholarship), please visit the Student Accounts website regarding Third-Party Sponsorship.

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Want to donate to student scholarships? The N Fund is the best way to support the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through annual giving. This impactful approach allows you to make contributions to a priority fund that supports students. The university would not be what it is today without the support of alumni and friends. Make your gift today to make a difference for Nebraska students.

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Information for Scholarship Donors

If you are a donor interested in establishing an endowed scholarship at Nebraska, contact the University of Nebraska Foundation. Over $10 million in scholarships annually is provided to students due to the generosity of donors to the University of Nebraska Foundation. Scholarships held at the NU Foundation are considered institutional scholarships.

If you are an outside organization providing scholarships to Nebraska students, thank you for your generosity! Our scholarship team works hard to process your checks for students in a timely manner. You can make checks payable to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and mail to the following address (if you require the student's name on the check, please include it as co-payable also to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln):

PO Box 880411
Lincoln, NE 68588

If you have specific requirements for the scholarship, please include a letter explaining the requirements for disbursement.

Information for Federal Work-Study Employers

Posting a Position (Handshake)

Supervisors of Work-Study

  • For information on how to set up an eligible work-study student for hire, please contact University of Nebraska-Lincoln Payroll or work with your internal Human Resources department.

Supervisors for America Reads and America Counts Tutors

  • Questions may be directed to the America Reads and America Counts Coordinator at or 402-472-3484