Staff Directory

Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Justin Chase Brown Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Irene Malzer Office Associate - Assistant to the Director
Lisa Dority Athletic Certification Specialist

Deb Augustyn Assistant Director, Scholarships
Kylie Sire Assistant Director, Scholarships
Joanne Puchalla Office Associate, Scholarships

Student Information Systems & Processing
Kay Dinkelman Senior Associate Director
Jo Tederman Assistant Director, Eligibility, Compliance & Reporting
Susan Frodyma Assistant Director, Federal Verification & Eligibility Processing
Gina DeJong Assistant Director, Federal Direct Student & Parent Loan Processing
Matt Petr Assistant Director, System Setup and Awarding
Carl Yuan Assistant Director, College Scholarship & Reporting
Judith Sasso-Mason Financial Aid Specialist, Processing & Satisfactory Academic Progress
Krista Williams NCTA Financial Aid Coordinator
Kelsey Melcher Financial Aid Specialist, Processing & Perkins Loans
Sarah Carpenter Financial Aid Specialist, Processing & Work-study
Vacant position Financial Aid Specialist, Verification
Vacant position Office Associate
Douglas Palmer Office Associate
Sarah Nguyen-Pack Office Associate