Staff Directory

Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Justin Chase Brown Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Irene Malzer Office Associate - Assistant to the Director
Lisa Dority Athletic Certification Specialist

Student Advising & Scholarships
CortneyJo Sandidge Senior Associate Director
Deb Augustyn Assistant Director, Scholarships
Anna Plank Assistant Director, Advising
Sarah Standley Senior Financial Aid Advisor, Office Assistants Supervisor
Gerardo Saldana Financial Aid Advisor, Emerging Leaders and Short Term Loans
Richelle Saalfeld Financial Aid Advisor
Tabitha Haynes Financial Aid Advisor, Study Abroad
Summer Woolsey Financial Aid Advisor, Study Abroad
James LaPointe First-Year Financial Aid Advisor
Vacant position First-Year Financial Aid Advisor
Kylie Sire Assistant Director, Scholarships
Joanne Puchalla Office Associate, Scholarships

Student Information Systems & Processing
Kay Dinkelman Senior Associate Director
Jo Tederman Assistant Director, Eligibility, Compliance & Reporting
Susan Frodyma Assistant Director, Federal Verification & Eligibility Processing
Gina DeJong Assistant Director, Federal Direct Student & Parent Loan Processing
Matt Petr Assistant Director, System Setup and Awarding
Carl Yuan Assistant Director, College Scholarship & Reporting
Judith Sasso-Mason Financial Aid Specialist, Processing & Satisfactory Academic Progress
Krista Williams NCTA Financial Aid Coordinator
Kelsey Melcher Financial Aid Specialist, Processing & Perkins Loans
Sarah Carpenter Financial Aid Specialist, Processing & Work-study
Vacant position Financial Aid Specialist, Verification
Vacant position Office Associate
Douglas Palmer Office Associate
Sarah Nguyen-Pack Office Associate