See the chart of estimated Student Budgets for 2016-2017

  • Students enrolled less than full-time as of the census date of each term will have their budgets reduced accordingly.
  • All costs are subject to actual fee structures as approved by the Board of Regents and will be revised accordingly for 2017-2018.
  • Resident budgets are based on 15 credit hours per semester for undergraduates and nine credit hours per semester for graduates, and cover a nine-month period. Law tuition and fees are based on 15 credit hours per semester for second and third year law students and 15 credit hours in the fall semester/18 credit hours in the spring semester for first-year law students (amount shown in the Student Budgets chart).
  • Day care costs are not included but could be if the student provides documentation.
  • Commuter costs will be used for students living with parent(s), relatives, or their legal guardians.
  • Room and board figures include utilities for those students living off-campus.
  • All budgets are single student budgets. Students with dependents have been given an allowance for family size as a part of the need analysis on their FAFSA.
  • Figures represent the best estimates of expenses a full-time student in a given budget category might be expected to incur.
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